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This survey is done on four respondent groups, namely management/business practitioner, stock holder/investor, journalist other than infotainment, and the public. Respondent criteria in management group are those who have at least manager position in a product/service company and between 30 to 65 years of age. Investor respondents are those who have done stock transactions in the last one year and/or are currently investing in stock, obligation, or securities in a certain company. Investor respondent age range is 30 to 65 years old. Journalist respondents are those who has a journalist profession covering economy and business (infotainment/entertainment journalist is not included) in a mass media, between 25 to 40 years old. Meanwhile, public respondents are taken from the public, aged between 25 to 65 and having family spending of minimum Rp 6 million per month.

There are 3000 respondents in this project. Survey method is face to face interview. The sampling method for respondents in management, stock holder/investor, and journalist groups is purposive sampling, and for public respondent is multistage area random sampling.

Corporate Image 2017 measurement employs four dimensions, namely Quality, Performance, Responsibilty, and Attractiveness. Quality dimension consists of 4 attributes: “Good care for consumers”, “High quality product/service”, “Trusted company” and “Innovative company”. Performance dimension consists of two attributes: “Company with growth and development opportunity” and “Well-managed company”. Responsibility dimension also has two attributes: “Eco-friendly company” and “Company with social responsibility”. Attractiveness dimension consists of two attributes : “Dream workplace company” and “Company with high quality employees”.

Dimension Attributes



Measurement Attributes



Good care for consumers
High quality product/service
Trusted company
Innovative company



Company with growth and development opportunity
Well-managed company



Eco-friendly company
Company with social responsibility



Dream workplace company
Company with high quality employees


Corporate Image Index (CII) is determined by the average of the four dimensions i.e. Quality, Performance, Responsibilty dan Attractiveness.
The winner for each industry category (company with Excellent Corporate Image) is decided based on CII score which is the weighted average of each respondent group, with management group weight is 40%, stock holder/investor weight is 30%, journalist is 20%, and public is 10%. A company is said to have an Excellent Corporate Image if it has a CII score of higher than 1 and is in the top three in its respective category. The Corporate Image 2017 survey covers 110 industry categories.

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