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The Importance of Corporate Image

Your company can benefit from the Corporate Image research report:

  1. To identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s corporate image based on the 4 basic dimensions: quality, performance, responsibility, and attractiveness in the mind of each stakeholders, including the Public, Management, Investors and Journalists.
  2. To measure the relative position of your company’s corporate image in comparison to other companies within the industry.
  3. To evaluate the level of importance of dimensions and attributes that drives your company’s corporate image. The information will enable you to maximize opportunities and reduce possible threats.
  4. Given that Corporate Image Index is an omnibus survey, your company will acquire a comprehensive, reliable, and indispensible information at a sensible cost.

The Frontier Consulting Group has consistently measured corporate image through our Corporate Image Index Framework.  The framework will generate a corporate image index based on four basic dimensions built upon ten sub-dimensions.

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